Examples of boiler and heating system types

  • Combi boiler
  • System boiler
  • Open flued boiler
  • Floor standing boiler
  • Warm air
  • Electrical boiler
  • Condensing boiler
  • Conventional boiler
  • Gravity fed

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Domestic Heating

Domestic heating boilers come in all shapes and sizes

A good engineer is able to deal with them all. Don't worry that I 'wont understand your system' because I will. I have worked on everything from electrical heatstores to underfloor heating in mansions. I repair, service and install all makes, types and styles. My preferred boiler is a Worcester Bosch, and I am also an approved installer for them. This does not mean I wont install, service or repair others. All domestic heating is welcome here!

I can repair, service or install anything that goes into a house, flat or studio. Whether you got it from B&Q, or from eBay in china, its not a problem. I am also quite used to dealing with those problems that vanish as soon as i turn up, don't worry, if it did it yesterday, it will do it again, and we will find it now!

As always, I will take full details before I come. This is so I can come prepared, give you an idea of timescales, and advise you on what to do till i get there.

  • Domestic Plumbing
  • Domestic Gas
  • Drainage
  • Heating Tips

    Boiler Manual

    Go online and download it, then keep it near the boiler.

    System Pressure

    Learn to tell when the pressure is low & refill your boiler system.

    Pilot Light

    Find out how to relight your pilot light.... (manual)

    Reset button

    Find out where it is, but if it goes off again, call a professional.

    Cold Radiators

    Cold at the top means they need bleeding. Cold at the bottom means they are full of sludge.

    Large Leak?

    Call me, Quick!