Stuart Turner

“...These guys originaly built small marine engines - steam in some cases - a long time ago. They have gradualy worked round to pumps for domestic premises, and interestingly a lot of their original engines are still about. Having had a business relationship with these guys I realise why they are still going strong. A good solid product from a good solid background ......”

Stuart Turner - Service agent

I am a service agent for Stuart Turner. This means I am authorised to undertake warranty repairs.

The pumps that they produce are designed to last. All parts are available for repair for the recent pumps, most parts for the old ones. There are two ranges, 'Monsoon' and 'Showermate' both are good, but the Monsoon is best as it is brass bodied.

So, I install, service and repair all stuart turner pumps

I carry a good selection of spares on board, but if i dont have it with me I can usualy get it next day.

If your pump supplies your whole house I can bypass it for you till the repair is complete so you have SOME water supply.

Examples things you might want doing

Stuart Turner Tips

Pump Runs occasionaly for no reason

Check for a dripping tap, toilet ballvalve or suchlike


If you have had a powercut and now your pump doesnt work, its probably been affected by a power surge. Try turning it off for half an hour, if not, new PCB required.

Pump Comes ON/OFF/ON/OFF etc

Most likely air in the system. try bleeding it off by running a little water from all taps supplied by the pump.

Water temperature

Anything over 60 deg C, and you will rapidly kill your pump. Check your water temperature.

Stuart Turner pump repair guide