Digging out drains

“...Interesting note - Most people use a mini digger to dig out drains, sometimes I do too. In my experience however I've usually dug down to the blockage in the time it takes to collect the digger.....”


Most gas engineers will not touch drains, they think it's beneath them...

I am happy to come round to unblock toilets, drains, stack pipes, gullies, gutters etc. In fact I would be happy to. Whether it's blocked solid or just slow, I have the equipment, expertise and ability.

I carry commercial drain rooters, rods, a jetter if needed. The only thing I don't carry is a drain camera. I do hire one occasionally, when needed, but in my experience it often doesn't help to know what it looks like down there.
Examples of drainage work you might want doing

  • Domestic Plumbing
  • Domestic Heating
  • Domestic Gas
  • Drainage Tips

    Kitchen Sinks

    Be aware RICE, CHIP FAT and COFFEE GROUNDS block drains.

    Slow drains

    You can try drain chemicals (BE CAREFUL) they are cheaper than me, or running hot water.....

    Washing machines

    If water comes up in the kitchen sink when the washing machine drains, this is an early indication of a problem. If your going to try to resolve it yourself, now is the time to try.

    Outside gullies

    The small outside gullies - normally outside kitchen window - these can be cleared by removing the grill, reaching down and scooping out the contents.