“...Often my most loyal clients come from late night emergency calls... Once I have proved that I will go the extra mile, clients realise im committed to customer service.... ...”


If its an emergency, heres all you need to know

Im an excellent troubleshooter

My van carries a huge cargo of spares, if I cant replace it I can probably fix it
I'll get to you quickly, and I wont take advantage of your situation to Increase my rates.
Examples of emergencies you might want doing

Emergency tips


Towels, rags, bin bags, sticky tape, bits of guttering... use it all to divert the water to a drain


Water plus electricity = death, if you can, isolate what gets wet, and dont touch.


Gas leaks -If you cant isolate it, in the first instance call transco on 0800111999


Even if your old plumber cant attend, ask him what to do - he knows your system


Be it me or someone else, give as much detail as possible to the contractor you use - if theres something he's likely to need he can get it on the way....