Standard Hotel problems

  • Poor water pressure to top floors at peak times
  • Leaks - usualy from poor tiling / bath seals
  • Old pipework - extremely difficult to isolate individual rooms
  • Gas bills that would cripple a small country
  • Leaks that noone can find
  • Sections of the building never heat up, some roasting hot
  • General mental torture from the last 10 plumbers who all 'did a bit' then vanished

Hotel maintenance

I am a specialist in all things hotel. I am experienced, qualified and equiped to maintain the plumbing, heating, commercial kitchens, air conditioning and refrigeration. I can provide references from the smallest to the largest, from B&Bs to 200 room national chain hotels. I wont name any here as that would not be polite (you wouldn't want your name on the plumbers website either!)

My services range from the repair of leaking toilets to HVAC refurbishments. If you believe that I can help you please contact me to discuss your needs. If required I can provide contact numbers so that you can check my references.

I cover many disciplines in hotel maintenance so it is possible to keep my rates extremely low, my hotel rates are my lowest. This is mainly because I can do several jobs in one visit.

Being a specialist in hotel maintenance I completely understand your priorities. I can help you to keep your building running, with minimal disruption, within your budget.

Things the regulations are going to expect you to bring up to date: (after a visit from the 'inspector')

Hot water - you are going to need to upgrade to anti scald valves on all taps and showers

Water tanks - Records of chlorination and a bylaw 25 kit..... (water purification and stuff to stop squirrels getting into the tanks)

Duct cleaning - Records of duct cleaning of the commercial kitchen vents - foul job

Interlocks - An interlock to shut off the gas in the kitchen should the vent system fail to extract

Legionnaires - Demonstrate water storage at the correct temperatures. Also these days you need to show records of air conditioning maintenance....

Water saving - You need to demonstrate that you are at least making an attempt to save water. For example low volume toilet flush, spray taps etc. (lower water usage is better for you tho)



The cleaners are your first line of defense, they will see the small leaks, slow drains, loose fixtures etc, before they become a problem. Get them onside and life becomes much easier.

Hot water

If your gas bill is excessive, you can try slowing the secondary return on the hot water


The inspectors are making their rounds again..... be helpfull and listen to their comments, they tend to be more lenient if they beleive your paying attention


Knowing your scedule of events can cut your bills massively, heating an empty building is expensive. A decent programmer is cheap enough to install

Hot water

If you run out of hot water try staggering the sittings at supper time. This will help greatly.