Megaflo comments

  • 99% of problems with electricaly heated Megaflo's is down to the thermostat, Theres a new style available which is better.
  • Drips from the vent pipe are usualy down to a faulty Temperature and Pressure releif valve. Assuming you have set the air gap correctly - Read the instructions on the side of the cylinder
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Unvented Cylinders - Megaflo etc

I repair, service and install all makes of unvented cylinders, including Megaflo

I am fully experienced with all aspects of Megaflo's from the common problems, to the not so common.

Megaflo unvented hot water cylinders offer many advantages over the traditional storage tank system. They offer faster bath filling, high pressure showers and no noisy tank in the loft to fill. In addition, the pressures are balanced so there are no nasty shocks when another person uses the hot or cold water elsewhere in the house! After installation you will soon see the benefit of drinking water from all cold water taps as well as the fact that the shower does not need a noisy, unreliable shower pump! Installation is a relatively simple process as long as your cold water mains pressure is sufficient.
Examples of problems you may be experiencing
  • Drips from releif pipe
  • Heating element stopped working
  • Poor pressure

Megaflo tips

Other brands

Other Brands - Ariston, Santon, Premier plus etc, are ok, but they all have an external pressure vessel - makes the job look messy and takes up space, also means theres another element to fail. They do cost less though


Technicaly a service on a megaflo involves cleaning the filters, reseting the air gap, checking the expansion and T&P releif valve


A megaflo is for life not just for xmas.... The main cylinder is almost indestructable, it has a 25 year guarantee, and should easily outlast that. If you do change a cylinder for any reason, dont throw the old cylinder out - EBAY it.