Reasons not to worry

  • Most old boilers are fairly simple to repair
  • You would be suprised what parts are available
  • If its not leaking, it probably can be fixed
  • Worst case, a Keston C55 is an amazingly versatile boiler... A cascade of these can do wonders... Cheap too.
  • Call to discuss

Old Boilers

I undertake repair, modification and fault finding of any age of boiler

A lot of clients are concerned that I wont understand their system. Have a look around my website... If that doesnt put your mind at rest, references are available.... Proper ones - If your a church I will give you other churches to contact, If you have a communal building.... you get the idea.

Dont worry if your boiler looks like this one, I can help.
Examples of jobs you might want doing
  • Make it work!
  • Improve efficiency
  • Service it.... Properly!

Examples of old boilers I look after

Warm Air

A lovely church heating system... built of brick and cast iron... you can walk around inside it.... You have to fill wells in the floor with water to keep the humidity levels right..... was originaly coal fired, then oil, now gas..... Its in a rather famous church. Best guess is 100 plus years old

Wet System

A lovely 'Robin hood' ... originaly oil fired, must be 60 years old.... still runs fine... runs 10 flats, soon to be decommissioned unfortunately

Another Wet system

A wonderful old Ideal, looks like a Potterton Avon 2, has cast iron burners, that can be dismantled... It maybe old, but it burns as clean as the most modern boiler ....