How underfloor heating works

“Underfloor heating works by heating the property from the ground up. This gives a stable even heat, and a very pleasant enviroment. It is designed to be run continuously, not timed, as the warmup time in some instances can be as much as 48 hours.”


“Underfloor heating controls scare the pants off most people. DO NOT WORRY! even though some control systems appear to be built by NASA, they are easy to fix and repair, If you know what your doing.... (I do)”

Polypipe Underfloor Heating

I repair, install and maintain all forms of underfloor heating,

I can repair control systems, leaks, manifold problems, install new systems, wire in systems other people have installed - dont worry - I have it covered.

I am a Polypipe registered installer, (underfloor heating manufactureres)

However, if you found your way to this page, you probably already need my services!

Examples of work you might want doing



Set it to 21 degrees, and WAIT, after 24 hours if its not warm enough, turn it up ONE degree, then wait again. Twiddling the stat up and down will not help!

Heat levels

If you find that your property tends to go hot and cold in waves, then turn down the flow temperature to the property at the blending valve on the manifold


Underfloor heating should not be noisey - noise = problem


Most solid wood flooring companies specify a maximum floor temperature of 27 degrees, if your underfloor heating wasnt installed perfectly, this WILL be a problem!


If your considering having it installed, remember, Small area - electric, large area - water