How to kill your saniflo

  • Dental floss - gets round the blades
  • Baby wipes and similar are tough as hell and dont mince up properly.
  • Rimblocks fall in and block the blades
  • Swallowing cherry and olive pips.... blocks the pump and makes a lovely rattle
  • Ladies products...... All will ruin the machine
  • Anything else solid.....heads of razor blades, etc

Saniflo repair

If you have a weak stomach, dont read this page. Go to contacts and just call me!

A saniflo takes in the toilet discharge and other waste, minces it up in a cage and pumps it down a small pipe. These units are suprisingly reliable (when installed correctly) considering what they have to endure. I have seen one so old it failed due to degradation of the plastic case. I realise half of you are cursing me right now, as you saniflo has failed for the 10th time...... This will be an INSTALLATION ERROR PEOPLE, and easy to fix.

I can repair, service or install any Saniflo, from Sanivite to Sanipro! and I offer free installation quotations, at a time to suit you.
New Installs
I can advize you on - Location, model, cost etc - all part of the service! A saniflo will allow the instalation of a toilet / sanitaryware in areas way away from the main drain - up to 50 meters in some cases.


If you want to try fixing it yourself, see my guide, with video, here

Interesting note - the waiting list to become a saniflo service engineer is HUGE - as they say 'where theres muck theres brass'....



90 degree bends in the pipework is bad, it will block up


21.5mm plastic overflow pipe is ideal, and dont be fooled that bigger pipe is better, its not. it needs minimum bends, shortest distance.


Saniflo have a descaling product, you pour it in, wait and then flush away. Gets rid of smells etc.


A saniflo has its own internal non return valve, BUT avoid going constantly uphill when you dont need to, go up then slope down, or the water will flow slowly back and the saniflo will fill and run, fill and run.