What you should expect from me

A full strip and clean of your boiler, As per the manufacturers instructions, All relevent settings checked and adjusted, a flue gas analysis to make sure the boiler is burning correctly, all neccessary consumables changed.

A full verbal and written report on condition, possible future issues and recommendations.

Aftercare. If there is a recall, a known fault or a safety issue that develops on your appliance, I will write to you to tell you, I will also remind you when your next service is due.


I service appliances for a fixed price, whether it takes me an hour, or three hours.

I include all consumables in my price, thermocouples, seals etc.

I need to know the details of the appliance you need servicing, and its approximate age. The reason for this is that different appliances need different attention at different stages of their life. EG a worcester Bosch condensing boiler needs a major service in year three, needing a full set of seals, costing £27, An Ideal Concorde CX100 will need a new (good quality) thermocouple every year, costing £7.
There are several methods of 'servicing' a boiler
  • The British gas method - their philosophy being 'if it isnt broke dont fix it' (flue gas analysis check = service) Sounds bad, a lot of customers dont like it, but it does have its merits.
  • The half service method - where the engineer removes the cover, pokes about for a bit, maybe with a hoover, then charges you...... NOT GOOD
  • The right way, My way - see left side of page...

What I expect from you

'My boiler needs servicing'

Is it actualy a service you need or did it start making a funny noise last month, now it only works half the time.... if so its cheaper if you tell me now! (beleive it or not 'repairs' are not always expensive)

Stuff around boiler

20 minutes clearing stuff from in front of the boiler before I can start is not ideal....


Any issues you have had with the appliance, any changes you have noticed, tell me, If I know the problems I can fix them, if i have to find them myself, you get less value for money.


Dont feel you have to, but if you'd like im quite happy to talk you through the service as I do it, showing you whats done and why.